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Human And Wyvern by yoyonah Human And Wyvern :iconyoyonah:yoyonah 1 10
Human Amongst Aliens Chapter 2
    “Selria, by the goddess you are crazy.”
    “I’m not crazy. I’m serious about this.”
    Once the Asari team returned to their vessel, those who were waiting for them were shocked by what Selria had in her arms. Almost as soon as the Asari saw the strange looking creature questions were bombarded on Selria, but only for a moment.
    Because in less than three minutes, the baby was taken from her by the ship's medical officer.
    “Oh for-Selria, we don’t know what that thing even is. It could just be an animal! You have no idea what it is and yet you want to take care of it?” Irenia asks as she sits next to her friend.
    Since the baby was taken, Selria has been forced to remain in the barracks the entire time. Taking the baby off of the shuttle like she did was a serious breach of procedure. Irenia was also reprimanded, but not as seriously. She is in the barracks t
:iconyoyonah:yoyonah 1 4
Mature content
Human amongst aliens Chapter 1 :iconyoyonah:yoyonah 0 6
Fading into Ferelden Chapter 81
    “Morrigan is going to pay for that. I swear she is going to pay”.
    “You have said that a great many times my dear Dylan. Talk is cheap however, and actions speak far louder than words ever could”.
    “I know, I know. I must think of a way to get back at her. Something that will scare or embarrass her. Something amazing”.
    I am still furious at that witch. I have to think of something great to get back at her. Maybe Zevran can help me with that. He is a skilled fellow; surely he could have some ideas for what I can do to Morrigan.
    My thoughts however change rapidly as we step outside of the ruined temple. I have to shield my eyes for a moment from the natural light outside. There was some in the cave but not as it is outside. This actually hurts somewhat and takes some time to adjust to.
    Before I adjust t
:iconyoyonah:yoyonah 0 9
Mature content
Fading into Ferelden Chapter 80 :iconyoyonah:yoyonah 0 14
Fading into Ferelden Chapter 79
    “We will rest here for now. In about an hour we will continue so don’t take out your bedrolls or anything”.
    “And hopefully we won’t be spotted by anymore of those cultists while we rest”.
    “Well Dylan you will make sure of that since you are going to have the first watch”, Aniise says with a slight smirk.
    “Oh how kind of you Aniise. How kind of you indeed to have me, the youngest of us all have to take first watch in this cold, creepy abandoned temple”.
    I was hoping that I would be able to have a rest after fighting and walking for so long. After some time, it really makes one quite tired. Though I suppose I do not have any measure of luck.
    Hopefully though I won’t be paired off with Sten again. Sten or Morrigan, not either of them. Neither of them make exactly good comp
:iconyoyonah:yoyonah 0 6
Fading into Ferelden Chapter 78
    “Get behind the pillars now!”
    “You don’t need to tell me twice!”
    A dragon?! How the hell is there a dragon right here?! That makes no sense, there isn’t supposed to be one yet, they should appear later!
    As soon as we get out of the side hall and into the main hall, we all get behind the pillars as the flame of the dragon shoots towards us all.
    Aniise, her mabari and Alistair take cover behind one. It is just able to cover them fully. Morrigan and Zevran take cover behind another, and as I run towards another one I feel someone grab my arm, pulling me behind a pillar just before the fire would have incinerated me.
    “Were you harmed falon, are you alright?” Shelari speaks to me in a calm yet stern tone as the fire goes around us and the pillar we are hiding behind.
:iconyoyonah:yoyonah 0 4
Fading into Ferelden Chapter 77
    “These people are all morons. Only a fool would be willing to die for such a superstition”.
    “Some of us consider such beliefs to be more than superstition”.
    “If you do you are as much a fool as they are”.
    “Morrigan, Leliana, both of you stop your bickering. We have already had to fight enough of the cultists as is, we don’t want to alert every living thing in the temple that we are getting close!”
    “Well it is very nice to see that you two are getting along so well”, I say with a barely suppressed grin.
    Morrigan turns from Leliana to glare at me. That look she gives always feels like it is freezing me to the bone. Though at the moment I might be feeling that because it is so cold in this temple.
    “I did not ask for your input, Dylan. So s
:iconyoyonah:yoyonah 1 8
Fading into Ferelden Chapter 76
    Never in my life did I imagine I would be in this place. I never even knew it existed! The very temple where Andraste’s ashes are. Maker this is amazing. Utterly amazing.
    As I look at the carvings on the stone pillars, I can certainly understand Genitivi’s interest in this place. It is wonderful. The temple itself is grand and so humongous. Even in its abandoned state it still seems to demand respect. I only wonder what this place was like many years ago, when people walked through its great halls.
    And of course, Andraste’s very ashes lie inside the Temple. Thank the Maker for allowing us to be here. I only wish that it was under better circumstances, instead of having to get the ashes and leave for Redcliffe at once.
    Though I seem to be the only one enraptured by the temple. Wynne has shown some interest, as has Alistair, though most everyone else cares not for it. Sten
:iconyoyonah:yoyonah 0 17
Me And Kaa by yoyonah Me And Kaa :iconyoyonah:yoyonah 3 35
Mature content
Fading into Ferelden Chapter 75 :iconyoyonah:yoyonah 1 9
Mature content
Fading into Ferelden Chapter 74 :iconyoyonah:yoyonah 2 14
Fading into Ferelden Chapter 73
    Sten has gotten back into line very quickly. After that fight he immediately followed her orders without so much as a word. The first one being for us to get everything together and move into Haven.
    After we got by the guard who tried to get us to turn away I notice Haven is pretty much exactly as I thought it would be. Gloomy as hell and not a smile on any of the villagers we pass. The very few we pass. Most of them seem to be hiding inside their homes, and the few that are outside are staying right by their doors.
    “You will find more cheer in a grave yard”, I say upon looking at everyone in the village. Even the kids are pitiful looking.
    “Something is certainly wrong here. There is no look of joy on anyone’s faces. No young children enjoying the snow”, Leliana says as she turns to me.
    “We shall find out what is wrong, and wh
:iconyoyonah:yoyonah 1 37
Fading into Ferelden Chapter 72
    Both of them are fast. Sten with his sword and Aniise with her staff. I never thought that Sten could be this swift. I always knew he was strong but not quick like this. If Aniise isn’t careful he could kill her in an instant.
    Though Aniise has not been using any of her magic yet. If I were her I would be using anything possible to beat Sten yet she hasn’t been using any of her magic at all now. I don’t quite get why.
    Alistair nearly joined the fight on Aniise’s side but she stopped him pretty dang quick. She said this has to be just between Sten and herself. Shortly after that their fight started and nobody yet has landed a blow.
    Glancing at our group most everyone has some form of concern on their face, save for Shale of course. Alistair seems the most worried, and has his hand on his sword as if he is ready to attack at a moment’s notice if Sten harms Aniis
:iconyoyonah:yoyonah 1 11
Fading into Ferelden Chapter 71
    “I love this. Do you know what it is about the cold weather I like the most Leliana?”
    “No, what is it you”-
    Headshot! Yes! “Snowball fights, that’s what! Oh it has been a long time since I have been able to do that!”
    It took us a very long time but we reached the border of the village of Haven. At this point we just have to wait till Aniise and her group gets back here. Hopefully it will be soon. Then I could maybe throw a few snowballs at her too.
    Speaking of snow there is a lot of it here. Far more than I remember in the game. Maybe the game developers could not do snow well or something so they did little of it. But here it is almost a half foot thick, and I love it. Reminds me of winter back home.
    “Dylan! Why did you do that? I just made my hair perfect!” Annoyed she runs her h
:iconyoyonah:yoyonah 1 36
Anime drawing. WIP by yoyonah Anime drawing. WIP :iconyoyonah:yoyonah 4 18


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